A. Depending on the type of event you reserve, we will be there 30 minutes to 1 hour before the planned start time. For our base event and smaller setups, 30 minutes is all we need. If we run into traffic or other delays, our Event Manager will call you with an update. Please ensure your contact information is correct for the day of the event.

A. Our base package includes very few inflatables and relies on you to already have a lot of landscaping / trees in your choice of battlefields. This ensures you can keep your costs low if you have wooded lots or a lot of existing landscaping. For minimal cost, our crates and barrel package can be added to add some level of coverage to fill in the battlefield. These are targeted at locations with multiple trees or other good objects that the new recruits can already hide behind. This is also a good option for those younger participants who really just want to get out there and shoot.

The Battlefield inflatables options bring a new dimension to the game. These inflatables allow us to create rooms and walls throughout the battlefield. We have used these larger inflatables even in wooded areas to create multiple bases throughout the battleground.
A. See the Events menu option for our walk-in type events. We work with many groups in the area to set up for these events. We also do fundraisers in the Albuquerque area which gives you another great opportunity to help a good cause and to have a great time. These will also be posted on our Events webpage.
A. Send us an email at info@battlefieldnm.com or give us a call at 505-333-0924. We are doing a lot of remote sites so if you don't get one of our Commanders when you call, leave us a message and we will promptly get back to you.

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